Art Adventures

A Journal

Hello, and welcome to Art Adventures, an online art journal in which I discuss my aesthetic and artistic development through a series of sorties into the wild and bewildering world of art and nature and the landscape.

On Seeing a Picture in Life

The concept is first. But what is a concept? We are talking aesthetics, not mathematics or ontology, though these may yet have their place at the end of it all. By concept I mean that motive or emotional content that a landscape is charged with, like a glow-in-the-dark t-shirt: it is felt more than thought.…

The Enigma of Beauty: On the Uses of Photography in Art

“Twilight time, to dream awhile unveils a deepening blue As fantasy strides, over colourfull skies The form disappearing from view…” As with all acts of creation, the conception comes before the production. But an aesthetic creation doesn’t begin with a concept but with an experience, or what I like to call an art adventure. To…

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